CHEERS EVERYONE…. ….for another top night Upstairs@The Garage on March 4 Among the memorable performances there was Chris’ ‘London Calling’, Julia doing ‘One Way Or Another’, Barry’s ‘Ace Of Spades’, the return of Emma with ‘Celebrity Skin’ and Liander’s debut version of ’99 Red Balloons’. Oh yes. Our next gig at The Garage is on March 18. In the meantime we’ll be updating the tracklisting later this week (as well as ’99 Red Balloons, we’re also adding ‘Hong Kong Garden’ and – due to all your e-mails – a version of ‘Oh Bondage Up Yours’).
Good work everybody. The Feb 18 Garage show was a cracker.

All hail new recruit Will, on bass guitar, who will be alternating with our original bassist Henrik in the coming months and who learnt 38 songs in 10 days.

Some astonishing performances on the night, not least Asha’s version of ‘Fight For Your Right’, a fantastic bloke called Andy doing Johnny Rotten , Barney’s take on ‘Seven Nation Army’ and ‘Sheena Is A Punk Rocker’ from a guy called Tim.

The next gigs Upstairs@The Garage are on March 4 and March 18, but the boys will also be playing various other shows throughout next month. Details to follow.
UPSTAIRS @ THE GARAGE FEB 4 A guy called Dave signed up quite early on, but he looked like he was going to be good so we put him on in the second set and he did one of the best versions of 'God Save The Queen' that we've ever seen at PRK (despite accidentally crashing into the drum kit). Mind you there were some great contributions all round, including Phil's 'Mr Pharmacist', Anna's 'Mollys Chambers', Duncan and his mate doing 'If The Kids Are United', Gary and Paul's 'Too Much Too Young' and Ishbel's 'One Way Or Another'. But as ever we'd like to thank everyone who came to the gig - and particularly everyone who got on stage. It was a suitable send off for Nick, our bassist, who's been absolutely brilliant for us, but is off to live in New Zealand. In the meantime we're rehearsing in new personnel - and wait for it, some NEW songs. Your suggestions welcome, although we're thinking Generation X and possibly a truly evil version of '99 Red Balloons'. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. See you on the 18th!
SONG VOTE: JANUARY Our Top 5 punk songs as voted by visitors to this site in January...shock news! Sex Pistols came fifth, but The Ramones win! 5 Anarchy In The Uk 4 Orgasm Adict 3 New Rose 2 London calling...Number 1 BLITZKRIEG BOP.
A CHANCE MEETING WITH PETE SHELLEY He’s in the Hat & Stick pub round the corner from work. No idea why. Should have asked probably, but he was with a group of people and very chatty. There is a new Buzzcocks album soon on Cooking Vinyl Records which is called ‘Flat Pack Philosophy’ and a tour as well. ME: “Plus you’ll be collared by everyone making programmes and writing articles about the 30th anniversary of punk.” HIM: “I know, but well, concentrate on the new album first and then we’ll do those…we are doing at gig at SAINSBURYS though.” ME: “Pete…I think it’s SELFRIDGES.” HIM: “Is it? I thought that was strange.” And if that sounds pretty surreal, then watch this space. A certain aforementioned department store is planning a massive event to mark the 30th Anniversay of punk. All I know is that there’s some really interesting people involved and PRK have been invited along to play. More details when we have them.
"If the kids are united...they will never be dividiiiddddd" I can't quite believe this but Dave Parsons, Sham 69 bassist, is on stage with PRK. "I'm up here and you fuckers are down there." And he's improvising. So Parsons became the first bona fida punk original to 'grace' our stage at our gig at the Garage the other week. Who'll be next? Sensible? Shelley? Sharkey? In the meantime, other stars of the night, plucked from the audience included Sean (Sheena Is A Punk Rocker) Lucy (Hanging On The Telephone)Mark&Matthew; (Beat On The Brat) and Jim&Jane; (Jilted John). It was our first sell out of the year (did we look stressed???) so cheers as ever for your support. The band will be guesting again at XFM's First Friday on Feb 3 - and better still back in our upstairs lair at the Garage on Feb 4.
Sorry guys, we had a few teething problems with our e-mail earlier this week, though it's all sorted now. But if you mailed us and haven't had a reply, just get in touch again and we'll get back tou you Thanks for all the applause for the new website. There's more to come And don't forget: Upstairs at The GARAGE tomorrow night, Saturday JANUARY 21. see you there. PRK
I’m not sure if Matt spells his name with two T’s, but he’s a formidable fellow and when he takes to the stage with PRK regular Charlie to finish off the night singing ‘Fight For Your Right To Party’ you know the New Year has really kicked off big style. Cheers to everyone who came to our gig on January 7 at the Garage including Todd (who did ‘Last Nite’), Abi (‘Kids In America’), Lee (a brilliant ‘New Rose’) and Rachel (an unstoppable version of ‘Basketcase’). As you can see, we’re currently, updating and improving the site all the time – and you can now sign up for our mailing list which means you’ll get cheap-entry flyers for the gigs and updates from the PRK band. Next gig is January 21 Upstairs@The Garage.
I know what you ’re thinking. We’re barely days into the New Year and we’re already being harassed by those Punk Rock Karaoke fellas.
Well yes you are, but for our first gig of 2006 we’re doing the decent thing and giving you the chance to introduce a mate to PRK for nothing. Come along to the Garage on Saturday and for every two people who pay to get in, we’ll let another one in for free.
In return you get a night of unmitigated punk rock passion with two sets from our live band – where you can join them on stage and sing. Plus a between set soundtrack of cracking punk rock anthems – and our own Blitzkrieg Pop club night which runs from 11.30 to 2am.
Doors open at 8.30 and sign-up starts at 8.45
First set is 9.30pm. Hope to see you there.
Punk’s not dead….pass it on.